The original Corsair ONE was released in the beginning of this year. Yet the company decided not to wait for too long and released the updated version recently.


The size of the device is 380 x 176 x 200 mm. However, this 13-liter container holds impressing computational power. Everything governed by Intel Core i7-7700K, 4 cores with working frequency 4,2-4,5 GHz. Maximum memory amount overcame the previous limit of 16GB and is now 32GB DDR4-2400. Finally, an SSD upgrade possibility was added. An installation of high-speed M.2 NVMe SSD became available with up to 480GB storage.


Perhaps, the change that gamers will enjoy the most is an upgraded graphics card. While the original Corsair ONE was equipped with GeForce GTX 1070 or GeForce GTX 1080, the new configuration houses GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with Pascal architecture based on NVIDIA GP102 chip. Those two letters, “Ti”, add proximately 24% performance boost. The solution counts 3584 NVIDIA CUDA Cores (3584 tiny processors that work simultaneously), 224 texture units, and 88 raster operations pipelines (commonly known as render output units). Video memory reached 11GB GDDR5X, and memory bus width grew from 256 bits to 352 bits.


Yes, this power does not come without a corresponding price tag – price ranges between £2000 and £3000. It is still cheaper than 3-year old Mac Pro, but you might consider some help. Sell your old Mac and get an upgrade.

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