Apple’s major autumn product unveiling is this week, and businesses will be keen to see if Apple’s iPad Pro materialises among the many new rumoured products.

An iPad Pro will help Apple get more products in the workplace, help businesses run meetings and presentations better, with a larger 12-inch screen device to pass around. Believed to ship with an A9 processor and 2GB RAM, it could help iPad users be even more productive across office applications. However, the big question is, will Apple turn it into a convertible that can also run Mac OS X when docked? That would be a huge step for the company.

Also likely to be on show is the new smart home/office-centric Apple TV fourth generation product. If you have a home office or a small office with control over your own heating and air conditioning then the new Apple TV could be at the heart of adding smart technology to save money via smart thermostats and air con control, plus integrated security over locks and alarms.

The new Apple TV is also supposed to be great for playing games, so if you have one tucked under the board room plasma, it could help provide a lunchtime distraction with the latest iOS titles. There should be the seasonal update to the iMac and MacBook ranges, with Intel Skylake processors and faster memory adding even more power for improved performance on highly-intensive compute or graphics tasks.

Among the highlights of the show will be a whole range of updated products, led by the improvements in iOS 9 and Watch OS 2, with greater interactivity between the Watch and other Apple devices, with Siri and Spotlight becoming more useful, while the Notes app is now getting in to its stride. If the iPad Pro does come with a stylus, as some reckon, then Notes could be one of the major features for business users.

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