Beta-version of Android O is available

What is Android O? Android O is a new mobile operating system that is being developed by Google. We have known that Android is coming to replace Android 7 Nougat. However, not many details were available until now.


On Google I/O 2017 event, the corporation unveiled many exciting developments and Android O was one of them. It was told that when Android O was conceived developers highlighted four areas of main focus. Those were running time on a single battery charge, security, speed, and stability.


Security and Stability

A new function Google Play Protect was introduced, or rather re-branded as it was around for a while. On a daily basis, Google scans 1 bln devices and about 50 bln apps assessing their safety and intercepting any detected malicious activity. Google Play Protect will automatically delete an app if a suspicious activity will be detected.



The new OS will be twice as fast at the start. Additionally, performance apps will be improved without even any enhancements of the apps themselves. The changes are possible due to the reworked core of the system.


Running time.

Running time on a single charge was extended due to several modifications. One of them is a smart limitation of running services and apps. For example, GPS won’t be constantly running in the background anymore. Apps that require location services will use the last known location.

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