Your laptop is slowly dying and you need to purchase another one before you end up throwing yours out of the window. But before you buy a new one from a store or online, why not consider building your own PC? Here are a few reasons you should.

Cheaper than pre-built PCs

High performance pre-built PCs usually carry a high price tag of at least £500 and this might be out of your budget. By buying your parts individually from stores and online and building it yourself, you are potentially saving yourself at least £100. Plus, it feels more rewarding and educational to build a computer from scratch, so why not?

It is entirely possible to create a high performance computer for £350, providing you know your tech and take advantage of hardware sales. Furthermore, you can save at least £70 by using one of your current PC monitors or an existing PC case to house your new accessories, allowing you to free up more cash to spend on improved hardware.

Build your PC for your needs

If you demand a lot out of a PC, such as to play video games or multi-task, you are more likely to get this high performance from a custom built PC. Instead of having to look for store PCs with the right CPU or high amount of RAM, simply get the parts you need to help mould your PC into your own. A word of warning: make sure your hardware is compatible with your motherboard.

Easier to upgrade than pre-built models

Some PCs have integrated hardware (such as graphics cards) on their motherboards, meaning you cannot upgrade it. A custom built computer gives you more freedom to bridge your graphics cards, upgrade RAM drives and change your CPU’s fan, making your PC more likely to last longer than a store built PC.

For further advice on building computers, or if you wish to start purchasing your hardware, please visit Bits & PCs – the essential place for computer and business IT support in London.

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