In a first for the company, Apple has made the latest beta versions of its operating systems, iOS 9 and OS X ‘El Capitan’ available to the general user base, via its early access site ( There’s nothing like a few million extra hands, helping spot bugs and finding features that don’t quite work as advertised, to help speed the testing process along.

iOS 9 brings Proactive to users, a similar feature to Google Now, that provides you with the right information when you need it, based on time, location, situation or other criteria. Simplistic examples include, ‘you’re leaving for work, its raining now but will be scorching later, so take your umbrella and sun cream.’ Or ‘there’s heavy traffic, go this way to work – oh, and you usually buy more milk today.’

As more of a subtle upgrade to iOS 8, there’s few “wow” features to play with, but if you like being on the cutting edge, this is the way to go. Apple is finally bringing proper split-screen multitasking to newer iPads, so you can drag data between apps, work on multiple related documents or manage multiple social media apps.

OS X El Capitan also brings easier-to-manage multiple windows to the desktop. It has improved Spotlight that’s becoming more like the iOS version and a host of performance improvements to get more battery life from your MacBook or to make software fly faster. Both betas come with a Feedback App, so you can inform Apple of bugs and features you dislike. It will provide all the technical details, letting you get on with trying out the new systems.

Naturally, these operating systems are aimed at the latest generations of Apple hardware. If you’re tempted to join in the fun, with the very minor risk of wiping your iPhone, iPad or Mac (don’t try it on your main device is the general rule) then you might also be considering a hardware upgrade or a newer device to play with. We have a great range of refurbished Apple Mac systems, MacBooks or upgrades for your current system. We sell and buy hardware nationally, and offer computer support and Apple repairs in London.

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