The information in the media about ambitious jubilee iPhone X smartphone is quite controversial. Many market analytics claim that the latest iPhone model is not as popular as Apple would like it to be. There is even a rumor that some manufacturers decrease the production volume of the device’s components. The Internet is full of attempts to explain such poor sales. However, Michael Olson from Piper Jaffray decided to conduct a survey among Apple users to find out what holds them back from buying a new phone.

Among other questions, the surveyor inquired people who currently owned an older iPhone and were not going to get a new one about possible reasons. They had to select the answer from 4 different options. 31% of participants replied that the smartphone was too expensive. It is impossible to disagree, the prices depending on configuration vary between £1000 and £1150 in the UK. 44% answered that their current device was working absolutely fine. Possibly, it is indirectly connected to the price, as if it wasn’t so high many people would still upgrade their devices even if the old ones worked fine. Another possible underlying reason is that iPhone X has very few significant improvements. 8% were not happy with the screen and 17% had other reasons.

Although the questionnaire was rather limited, it did shed some light on the matter. Perhaps, holding on to your current device (or switching to Android) is a better idea. The good news, if you decide to sell your iPhone now, you could get a good deal.

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