Few days ago Apple announced a number of new devices that are about to hit the store shelves. One of them was a new MacBook. Perhaps, when you see it in the store, you may get the feeling of déjà vu. Visually MacBook 2017 received no alterations and is an identical twin of its predecessor: the same slim design, 13mm thick and weighing 0.92kg. However, technical characteristics advanced further and correspond to present user expectations.


Firstly, new MacBook is powered by 7th gen Intel Core m3, i5 or even i7 processors. The SSD drives doubled their speed. Intel HD Graphics 515 may not guaranty you a flawless gaming experience, but it will definitely cover all your everyday needs and provide an acceptable media processing power. Additionally, the computer can carry up to 16GB LPDDR3 RAM.


Specialists from iFixit already disassembled and analysed this device. Again, overall it looked pretty much the same as the previous models: battery, screen, a tiny motherboard with everything soldered on it, and a few ribbon cables connecting everything together. Naturally, we did not hope to see an opportunity for an upgrade, but we hoped to at least some repairability. Just as the predecessor, 2017 model is declared irreparable. It makes you think twice whether you want to spend £1500 on a device, which can be only replaced with another if anything goes wrong after the warranty expires.


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