Apple fans should clear their schedules in September as the next generation of iPhones, iPads and Apple TV devices are likely to be unveiled at the company’s next big press event. Consensus is on a 9th September unveiling with one of Apple’s usual big PR shows. That could also play host to an upgrade to the MacBook hardware, with Intel’s Skylake processors likely to speed performance along nicely.

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But, the big news will be about the latest iOS hardware, even if the iPad now only gets minor upgrades, and this year’s new iPhone will only be a modest ‘S’ update. The new iPhone 6S and 6S+, may ship with a new force touch capability on the screen, for a new level of interactivity, acting as an alt-click or variable selection function, according to reports.

Both devices will doubtless be hot sellers, with another set of users at the end of their two-year contracts ready to move up. The UK launch is apparently scheduled for 18th September. These new phones are also supposed to have stronger cases to prevent bending and the usual CPU upgrade and battery improvements.

A new marginally thinner and more powerful iPad is also on the cards, perhaps with the mythical 12-inch screen iPad Pro. There’s also the long-awaited fourth generation of Apple TV that might round out the hardware show. That will bring HomeKit smart home controls to those with Nest thermostats, digital locks and other smart home gear.

Apple’s iOS 9 will probably be the biggest news, bringing further support for health apps, digital wallets and improved iOS gaming capabilities. One big feature for the iPad will be the arrival of split-screen apps, the ability to move data between them and other improvements to make them iPad useful for work situations.

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