Last week we saw the release of two new tablets, the iPad Air 2 and the Google Nexus 9. However, earlier this year the Samsung Galaxy Tab S was released and this has brought substantial competition into the tablet market.

Having released the new iPad Air 2, Apple hasn’t included many changes from its predecessor. The iPad having the same 9.7-inch screen and a new 6.1mm width, it is the thinnest and fastest tablet to date with an A8X chip, as well as having the TouchID that is used in the iPhone 5s and all models since.

The Air 2 features a 9MP back camera and a 1.2MP front facing camera with improved low-lighting capability. This iPad comes with the standard colour options of grey, white and gold. The price for the new iPad ranges from £399 – £659 depending on the storage and connectivity you want.


Google have also released the new Google Nexus 9. This device provides an alternative to the Air 2, as it’s running with the new Android 5.0 software. The screen is smaller than the Air 2 with a 9-9 inch display. The Nexus has an 8MP rear facing camera with LED flash as well as a 1.6mp front camera and has face detection.

The Nexus comes in three different colours; indigo black, lunar white and sand. The UK price for the tablet is yet to be released, although if we converted it from the American price it would come down to approximately £250 (much cheaper than an iPad Air 2!)


Apple and Google don’t only have each other to worry about as their rival Samsung has released a high-end tablet earlier this year, known as the Galaxy Tab S. The Samsung device is slightly bigger than the Air 2 with a 10.5inch screen. The Galaxy has an ultra-sharp screen, an attractive design which includes the Samsung Super AMOLED technology that makes the colours rich and deep as well as including plenty of media and software features to keep the user entertained.

As the previous tablets the Galaxy Tab S has an 8MP rear camera with LED flash as well as a 2.1MP front camera, and includes features such as HDR support. The Galaxy comes in two different colours; bronze and white. This high end tablet is in stores for a starting price of £399, which will rise for added extras such as 4G.




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