Android apps will be able to connect without the Internet access

Developers received a new version of Nearby Connections tool-kit from Google. This software allows android apps connect to devices in close proximity automatically. The updated framework accommodates detection of the nearby devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and connecting to them without the need of the Internet connection.  


As Google declares, with new instruments temperature in a hotel room will be adapted to your preferences, when you enter it. If you are close to your partner or spouse, your telephone contacts may merge. Nearby Connections support cell networks and centralised connections. The latter is especially useful during meetings or classes in school or university when the amount of transportable electronic devices is limited and priority is given to one or two.


It will take some time before Nearby Connections support will become widespread in apps. However, some companies have already started using the technology. The Weather Channel installs cell networks in areas with poor Internet access so they can send warnings about the approaching severe weather conditions. Hotstar supports offline data transfer. GameInsight can help you to find people nearby who do not have the Internet connection, but who are looking to play some games together. Finally, remote control from Android TV from Google uses Nearby Connections to manipulate the TV platform of a second screen without interrupting anything on the main.


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