Amazon reviewed Echo Dot, an intelligent personal assistant, and released the 2nd generation couple of months back. However, it attracts a lot of attention now due to coming Christmas.

Amazon Echo Dot is an intelligent personal assistant. It can do many things that other intelligent personal assistants, such as Cortana and Siri, do and many more. However, not quite enough to make you sell your MacBook or laptop. The device is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation hub. Echo Dot may be activated with a voice command and then assist you with a simple requests: “Put the music on?”, “What the time is?”, “Turn the lights off” and so on. All this functionality was available in a previous generation of Echo Dot and Echo. What is that the second generation offers?

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen

First of all, it comes with a much more affordable price tag. Amazon modestly asks £50 per unit. Secondly, it is improved voice recognition system. Now Echo Dot will recognise your commands even if the music is on or if you are standing across the room.  The new Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) technology allows several Echo and Dot units to work together so that only one device answers the request. It became available in white and black. Moreover, Amazon offers multiple cases for the device to fit any interior.

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