While the concluding strokes are still being introduced, Microsoft, as an artist with patience management issues, launched the latest update, Redstone 4, also known as Spring Creators Update. Not so long ago we wrote speculating about it and the possible changes it was going to introduce. However, now the information is confirmed as the update is hitting the computers, and if you haven’t received it yet, you will get it very soon. Know that you can always find help in London IT Support service if anything goes wrong. So which rumors turned out to be true? Let’s see what the update brings.


More online time

With the new update, Microsoft changes how the system processes further updates. Even more processes will be happening on the background even complex ones such as temporary archivation of user data before its transfer onto a new (updated) system. In theory, this approach should minimise the time when a user cannot operate the PC due to the installation processes reducing the waiting time by half.


Something that was promised once, more than a year ago, has finally been completed – chronological Timeline feature that stores the information about the use of applications and files similarly to history in a web-browser. This feature will replace the default Task View. Microsoft is planning to integrate Timeline into mobile solutions in the near future allowing you to continue your work on a mobile device away from your computer with data being automatically synchronised between the two.


Faster Bluetooth connection

Pairing a device via Bluetooth could be a tiring task in Windows 10. This is changing with the update and the new feature, Quick Pair. The feature allows you to connect a wireless device with a touch of a button. However, it requires manufacturer’s support; there is only one device, for now, that does it, Microsoft precision mouse. Soon, more devices will support the feature.


Focus Assist

Focus assistant is a function that, as the name suggests, allows you to focus on your task. By activating it, a user disables notification popups. You can customise it by allowing only urgent notifications or disabling them all completely.


Nearby Share

You can forget about finding the place to stick your USB-drive into with Nearby Share. The file transfer is made easy as between two smartphones.


Progressive Web Apps

It is not a secret that Microsoft Store is rather meager. The company is trying to expand the range of available apps. Progressive Web Apps are similar to any other web app. The difference is that they can handle a local hard drive, bringing it closer to traditional software. Perhaps, we are to see a windows-version of Gmail and the apps alike soon.


HDR-video calibration

The HDR video becomes a commonplace thing today. However, many screens require additional calibration for an accurate playback. The update turns it into an extremely easy task with a new dedicated section in the settings.


Ability to browse diagnostic information

This is in a way a big thing. Now you will be able to know precisely what information Windows sends away for diagnostic purposes. Everyone will be able to go to Settings> Confidentiality > Diagnostics and see full reports that were sent from a device. There is even an option to delete some information you prefer not to share.


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