The company 101Touch are thinking about the future with their newly designed 101Touch Keyboard which is yet to be released, as they want it to be perfect! So, what does this new keyboard have in store for us? Let’s find out.

101 Touch have come up with a new way for computer users to interact with their system. This 101 Touch Keyboard has been designed to show computer users a new way to connect with the computer controls.

This keyboard will work on any device, including; Windows, Linux, OS X and BIOS, without having to go through any installation, it begins working as soon as you plug it into your PC. This keyboard does not only have one design for all users but a wide range of keyboard desplays to suit the users. This keyboard comes in designs for adults, children, gamers and more.


What can’t this keyboard do? Not much as this new keyboard has a ‘time lock’ application used to limit the time used on a computer. This is a great feature for parents who want to monitor their childrens computer use. When the time limit comes on the keyboard will shut down and will not be reactivated without a password.


This keyboard also comes with an endless selection of layouts to simplify all tasks you are peforming or to intensify entertainment. To give you this 101 Touch have added a shop onto the keyboard where dfferent keyboard forms can be downloaded.


Among the many other things this keyboard can do is dynamically change its confirguration of the keys. For example, by hitting the control key, all the keys which offer functions related to this key will change their colour and their name e.g. cut, copy paste etc. This feature has been included to try and speed up the use of the keyboard. 


On the right side of the keyboard 1O1Touch have include a swipe feature on the standard keyboard which makes it easier to switch between a numerica keypad, a touch-pad or a calculator. Also, for the benefit of all the keyboard users this keyboard will not include some of the standard keyboard keys that go unused by most users and will be replaces with the regular used functions such as, open, save, save as and print. 


Want to know when you can ger your hands on this brilliant keyboard? You won’t have to wait much longer as this keyboard is set to be released online from Apirl of 2015. 

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