Tiny desktop PC from HP with Intel Gemini Lake

hp T430

HP announced a mini-desktop t430 designed for the “offices of the future”. And if workstation with similar dimensions is not a novelty on the market, we definitely don’t see offices utilising them as much. Perhaps, the future was not waiting for the technology, but for an appropriate price. Let’s see what this device has to […]

Samsung 970 PRO and 970 EVO: new M.2 solid state drives


Samsung Electronics introduced few high-speed solid state drives (SSD) storages, 970 PRO and 970 EVO series. These devices were created for home users, enthusiasts, and professionals. The drives are executed in M.2 2280 form factor: the dimensions are 22 x 80mm. These storage drives belong to NVMe 1.3 type devices. NVM Express (NVMe) is a […]

Lenovo Air 2018 and Lenovo 7000 2018 rely on Intel Kaby Lake Refresh

Lenovo Air

Two new exciting notebooks emerged on the market (so far only in China), Lenovo Air 2018 and Lenovo 7000 2018. These are slim and beautiful high-performance devices with 15,6- and 14-inch screens. Both devices look almost identical; Lenovo 7000 2018 will be a bit thicker. They also both equipped with Intel Kaby Lake Refresh, the […]

Nimbus Data releases ExtraDrive DC with 100TB of space

Nimbus ExaDrive DC100

Do you need to upgrade the drives in your data systems? Nimbus Data releases a family of solid-state drives (SSD) of incredibly high capacity. They are men to replace traditional hard disk drives in data centres. ExtraDrive DC drives come in two sizes, 50TB and 100TB, connect to a system via SATA interface. They use […]

Qualcomm prepares Snapdragon 855 Fusion for high-end devices

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Fusion

Qualcomm is on the middle of development of its new platform, Snapdragon 855 Fusion. ICT industry puts a lot of faith in it and foresees that the chipset will become the base of high-end mobile solutions of the future. Already, Snapdragon 855 Fusion was mentioned in financial reports of a Japanese telecommunication media-corporation, SoftBank. The […]