Debut of Intel Optane SSD 900P, new generation of high-speed storage solution

intel optane 900p

Intel, finally, released highly anticipated products, Optane SSD. The family of devices is based on 3D XPoint technology. According to Inter, it is the most advanced storage technology available on the market today. The list of advantages is not exhausted by high productivity, the density of components, low energy consumption, and “affordable price”. Theoretically, this […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25, retro-power

lenovo thinkpad anniversary edition 25

Lenovo, who bought personal computer production business from IBM in 2005, reverently honours heritage of the manufacturing giant. Even today, we can see a lot of original IBM Think design solutions, trademarks, style and other features in Lenovo’s products. Moreover, Lenovo regularly celebrates each anniversary with a special edition of their notebooks. This year wasn’t […]